Solar for Industries

As an Industrial user, you can utilise your idle rooftop space to save money on your energy cost and reduce your environmental footprint. We provide solutions to a variety of industrial users where the installation of a solar PV system will reduce your cost of energy and could also lower your back-up generator costs or demand charges.

We pride ourselves on being the leading provider of state of the art solar PV solutions for industries. Investing in a solar PV system from Premier Solar ensures a quick return on your investment by reducing your electricity bills by the maximum amount possible.

Premier Solar provides a fully integrated solution to bring projects from conception to generation as quickly as possible.


 Focus on Project-Based & Flexible Resources

 Multitude of professionals with over 200 MW Experience

 Hand Holding transparent customer engagement


 Solutions tailored to your requirement - ranging from few KW to multiple MW

 Comprehensive analysis of technical, Tax and Financial benefits to deliver a superior return on investment

 A variety of business models to suit your needs

3.Lease financing


 Hedge against rising energy costs

 Scalable design for easy upgrades

 Green Commitment

 Sunlight as the key raw material, is completely free and gives equal opportunity to every facility to utilize this mode.

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