Rupesh Hindocha

Group CEO

Rupesh is the founder of the Premier Solar Group and Group CEO. He is also a Managing Director and head of Sub Saharan Africa at Faber Capital, Director at GNEG and a senior advisor at Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence. He has been heavily involved in the renewable energy industry for the last 6 years from both a finance and development perspective.

Rupesh has over 20 years of Investment Banking experience in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa and held senior positions at Standard Chartered Dubai, Credit Suisse Dubai, Credit Suisse London and Barclays Capital London.

Dilshan Hettiaratchi

Sri Lanka CEO

Dilshan is CEO of our Sri Lanka business. He is also a Managing Director at Faber Capital, Director at Saga Solar, Director of Asset Trust Management Limitedand a Non-Executive Director at Amana Bank Sri Lanka. He has been heavily involved in the renewable energy industry for the last 8 years from both a finance and development perspective.

Dilshan has over 25 years of Investment Banking experience. He was a Managing Director and Head of Debt Capital Markets – MENA and Pakistan for Standard Chartered Bank, based in Dubai. Prior to this he held positions at Citi National Investment Bank, which was the investment banking arm of Citibank and NDB based in Colombo, as well as at Waldock Mackenzie Limited which was the investment banking arm of John Keells Group.

Rajat Surey

India CEO

Rajat is CEO of our India business and Group Head of projects and technical. Rajat is involved in managing project execution across Premier Solar, GNEG and Saga Solar and has overseen the completion of multiple projects over the last 6 years.

Rajat has over 15 years of banking experience including as head of capital markets for North India at Standard Chartered Bank.

Kevin Crawford

Head of Operations

Kevin is our Head of Operations. He is a widely experienced operations specialist and project manager with comprehensive international exposure. He possesses strong leadership skills developed during an extensive and successful career with the British Army, including international diplomatic exposure and commercial management experience.

His previous roles include head of operations for a multinational corporation, which also included an engineering, and logistics capacity. This includes various operational sectors across Africa including diplomatic appointments in Kenya and Zimbabwe with regional responsibility throughout the East African region. Kevin has had considerable knowledge and success in project management in complex environments through effective leadership, team direction, and operational control within a variety of difficult political, social, time, and budget constraints.


Beatrice Maina

Sales Engineer, Kenya

Sanjaya Fernando

VP, Sri Lanka

Mohamed Yasin

Executive, Kenya


Jinish Rajan

Manager- Electrical

Giridharan Murali

Manager - O&M


John Gathuto

Solar Engineer

Pauline Wachira

Solar Engineer

Kevin Walela

Solar Engineer


Elizabeth Makasi

Administrative Executive