Solar for Commercial

Malls, residential and retail complexes, office buildings and a variety of other commercial users can benefit from the environmental and cost savings from a solar PV system.

Off grid lodges and resorts can also benefit from solar PV solutions coupled with battery storage.

Depending on your location, either a grid tied or off grid solution, mounted on either your roof or ground will help you start saving money and the environment.

Premier Solar has worked with several prestigious organizations in the world to provide green energy solutions for their businesses.

From site surveys, installation to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we have an incredible track record in providing power solutions that meet any requirement from an organization. We want to be a part of your organization's transition into an environmentally responsible business while also cutting the energy costs through the installation of solar technologies.

Why choose Premier Solar

Easy Financing options
Proven track Record
Holistic approach
Reach Sustainability
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